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All foreign players under 10 - 12 and under 14 born in 2007 will be playing in the main draw (2-6 January 2020). Foreign players under 14 born in 2006 have to be ranked within the first 200 in the Tennis Europe or I.T.F. Ranking 2019 to play directly the main draw. Other foreign players under 14 (born in 2006) have to qualify. Qualifications start on December 27th 2019.
To participate the Italian players have to be members of the Italian Tennis Federation in 2019 (tessera atleta agonistica). The entries are sorted based on the Ranking 2020 of the Italian Tennis Federation. For foreign players there is no membership required. There are the following Age Groups:


Boys and Girls born in 2010-2011
12&UNDER Boys and Girls born in 2008-2009
14&UNDER Boys and Girls born in 2006-2007



For all groups will be arranged singles for girls and for boys.


All players groups have 32 player Singles Main Draws with a variety of Qualifying draw sizes. For the players groups 12&under and 14&under there will be also  Pre-qualifying Draws.

Main draws (2-6 January 2019)

There will be 32 player Singles Main Draws. To the Main Draws the following players are selected:
- all foreign players under 10 - 12 and 14 born in 2007
- foreign players under 14 born in 2006 who are  ranked within the first 200 in the Tennis Europe or I.T.F. Ranking 2019 
- Italian players selected by the  Italian Tennis Federation
- 8 players coming from the Qualifying Draws
The remaining players are selected to the Main Draws based on their Italian ranking 2020.

Qualifying Draws (27 December 2019-01 January 2020)

Italian 10&Under: All players
12&Under: All italian players with an Italian ranking 4’6 and more
14&Under: All italian players with an Italian ranking 4’2 and more

Pre-Qualifying Draws (13-23 December 2019)

There are no Pre-Qualifying Draws for the players groups 10&Under.
The Pre-Qualifying Draws for the other players groups are only for Italian players

The draws are elimination draws.


Entries must be faxed or emailed with the Lemon Bowl Entry Form.  Please make sure to complete the form thoroughly with all information requested.

Fax :  +39 06 5258095 (the 0 in the middle has to be dialled!)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry deadline: 18.00 hrs local time of December 15th 2019

Entry fee: € 16,00 + € 4,00 (for the Italian Tennis Federation)= € 20,00


In the main draws all matches will be played at the best of three sets at 6 games with tie break in all sets. In the qualification draws No advantage, third set is a match tie-break with 7 points
12&under and 14&under: If necessary there can be short sets


No advantage, third set is a match tie-break with 7 points, regular courts (23,77 x 8,23), Mid Green Balls, Junior racket

Every player is committed to umpire a match upon request of the tournament committee.
The matches will be played form 9 a.m. until dark and may be finished under artificial light. There will be bulletins with the times of the matches in the clubs that are organizing the tournament. Players are responsible for there personal times. Players who don’t observe them, are excluded from the tournament and subject to a penalty.

DUNLOP FORT balls will be used.

The matches will be played on outdoor clay courts. If necessary, the matches may be played in other clubs and on different court surfaces. The decision is up to the umpire.

If not otherwise mentioned, the Italian tennis federation rules are applied.


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